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Why add Rust Protection to your Vehicle?
Nothing reduces the value of your vehicle more than RUST.

Did you know that most new vehicles show signs of rust even before they arrive at the dealer?

During the manufacture of your vehicle, the body panels undergo a metal stamping process and literally thousands of spot welds. These processes damage the protective metal coatings allowing rust to start in the tiny crevices found in and around the many bends and seams that make up your new car. This early damage is already affecting the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Added to the fact that our climate exposes your vehicle to extreme temperatures, ranging from high heat and humidity to a deep freeze. these severe temperature fluctuations plays havoc with these metal seams. To make matters worse, the salt and calcium on our roads increases vehicle aging much more quickly.

When rust takes hold of your vehicle, it quickly depreciates the value of your vehicle and negatively affects its appearance. For less than pennies a day, Ontario Stop-Rust can apply one of our premier rust protection applications to seep deep into the seams, crevices or anyplace where moisture can hide.

Whether you have recently bought a new or used car, or are considering purchasing one in the near future, just remember that it is never too late to begin a rust proofing program! It is one of the most affordable forms of maintenance for your vehicle.

Q: Is aftermarket oil rust proofing needed on vehicles? Does it really work?
A: Several auto makers claim additional rust proofing is unnecessary – yet their own dealers often promote it. It's cheap, time-proven protection on a major investment. Contrary to what some carefully worded manuals might seem to say, professional aftermarket treatments won't void your warranty (various major auto makers confirm this).
In fact, many dealerships utilize reputable aftermarket rust proofers to apply the packages they sell.
The opportunities for corrosion on vehicles are endless, especially in hidden areas, such as inside doors, wheel wells or undercarriage.
Water will infiltrate scratches, welds or any exposed metal surface and do its dirty work.
Light-oil rust proofing sprays creep into crevices to provide a water-displacing barrier that prevents rust from getting a foothold on your car, truck or van. Ontario Stop-Rust applies a no-drip under body formula, that never dries out, spreads to re-cover bare areas if scratched and visibly repels water

Go Dripless! - Protect the environment

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