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How often should my vehicle be treated?
Ontario Stop-Rust products are designed to be applied on an annual basis.

When is the best time to apply rust proofing to my vehicle?
Rust is a year round problem. The time of year you choose to apply Ontario Stop-Rust products does not change the effectiveness for protecting your vehicle from rust. Fall is a popular time for vehicle owners to turn to Ontario Stop-Rust in preparation for the freeze and thaw cycles of Winter and all the road salt and sand that comes with it... But as long as you have Ontario Stop-Rust applied annually, your vehicle will be protected year round , so Spring and Summer applications are also a good time.

What if there is evidence of Rust on my vehicle already?
Ontario Stop-Rust products are designed to prevent Rust and to slow down the growth of any existing rust.

Does rainy weather affect the application of Ontario Stop Rust?
Our products are designed to displace moisture while penetrating the pores of the metal of your vehicle. They are water resistant and will not be affected by wet conditions.

If I use Ontario Stop-Rust, will it void my manufacturer's warranty?
We will be happy to review your warranty coverage with you. Most new car warranties state that aftermarket rust-proofing will NOT void the warranty. In fact, most manufacturers sell rust proofing through their dealerships using after market products.

Are Ontario Stop-Rust Products messy?
Ontario Stop-Rust offers two formulas. A No-Drip formula which is used primarily for the underbody's, which as the name implies, does not drip. And a Penetrating Thin Oil Formula that is used for all the inner panels and area that you need the most penetration. It is designed to penetrate and creep quickly, without leaving any residue. Both products are proven and effective treatments for rust prevention. For complete dripless applications, we recommend using the No Drip formula for the complete vehicle.

What if my vehicle has plastic components?
Every manufacturer uses plastic components in the construction of their vehicles. All of our products are proven safe for all plastics including Neoprene and Butyl rubber.

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